Beer Tasting by

Beer Tasting by

Over the years, has organized a number of events for its employees and loyal clients. From this article, you will learn about a beer tasting and read what an attendee had to say about the event.

Beer Tasting by

During the beer tasting event,, a website that lets you play a number of games including us powerball, conducted several sessions of unlimited beer tastings. People could try as many beers as they wanted during the allocated time. They could drink different beers or they could have the same beer over and over again. Other than the time, there were no limitations whatsoever. Here is what the guests had to say.

Adam B.: I was able to attend the second session of the day and I stayed for the whole duration of the session. The event was great because I got to try a number of beers from all over the world! This is winning! Thank you!

I felt that the event was not crowded at all. The number of people attending was very adequate for the number of beer tasting tables and options that we had during the event. It was really easy to walk around the aisles, learn about different beers and try the ones that I really liked.

It was a really well-organized event and I loved how presented it. Many times such events get too crowded or noisy but this one was just perfect.

One of the things that could have done better is having more food and more food vendors. I would even be willing to pay for some really good food. There were only a few vendors that were present during the event and I would like to have a wider array of healthier food options such as turkey wraps and various salads. However, this is a really minor flaw because the beer was so great.

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